From SEO to ASO : How to enhance your app’s search ranking


Firstly, design the App that will be functional and interesting for your target audience plus can attract the maximum customers.

Options you can manage?

While SEO and ASO functions are built to ensure that your app ranks well, it all comes down to setting up your app page in a way that appeal to the consumer. Apps with keywords slot in the title is more effective in the rankings over those without them. A little strategic title, description, keyword research and placement can go a long way.

Options you can’t manage?

While you can extend your marketing efforts to promote your app, these factors are still technically in the hands of your user base.  There are additional search factors that are out of your control such as Total downloads Ratings / Reviews and App store Facebook likes.

Use your Keywords Strategically

Inserting the top keywords in your title and description is one of the most basic and important parts of a comprehensive mobile strategy. Include keywords in the app description, but limit their use to five times. Studies have shown that there is no rankings impact with keyword overuse. Avoid overused words that provide little value. Research your competitor’s keywords to see what they use.

Optimize your images

User always wants to see that how the app will be useful to him; logo on a plain background describes nothing about the app. Load your screenshots by relevancy. Avoid words in your icon; words are often too small for the user to read anyway. Create a tutorial to show it in action.

Promotions among Users 

As a final point, you should constantly be modifying your app pages as to improve your app visibility. Create a marketing campaign around your app. Encourage customers to download it and consider offering an incentive like coupons or possible prizes. The more downloads, the higher the ranking. Create a pop-up banner asking users to rate and review your app.  Build social and email share buttons into the app.   

Even if you’ve an optimize app, but don’t forget the smartest way to highlight it at the front is to build it well and make users want to access it daily.

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